Sunday, 14 December 2008

hi,we have a new product on the way,its called MACA .This is a superfood from Peru and they have used it for thousands of years for their health and vitality.MACA is an adaptogen which can help the body with stress and help with what it needs.MACA can boost male and female libido and help them to become more fertile(which helps with fertilty problems,MACA IS KNOWN AS NATURAL VIAGRA) .MACA can boost energy,endurance,stamina and build muscle mass so it is good for athletes/bodybuilders .MACA is good for hormonal imbalances as is it balances them out (menopausel women find it helpful) MACA can alleviate depression,improve circulation,speed wound healing,reduce anemia,enhance memory,improve mental ability,a powerful antioxidant,help with oesteoperosis(strenghen bones) .MACA IS NON ADDICTIVE WITH NO KNOWN SIDE EFFECTS,but is not recommended to take with some forms of cancer or if pregnant/breastfeeding. I have been trying maca and noni juice(seperate doses) and it has given me even more of a boost and can keep going all day(the wife likes likes the effects it gives) MACA is also anti ageing and gives the skin a more youthful appearence ,what more can u ask for,give it a try! available from MACA is also alkalining .

Saturday, 8 November 2008

hi, have been on noni juice for a while and its given me more energy,now added carnosine and marine phytoplankton to this regime and i feel even better(also available from first4noni) noni juice reversed symptoms of cancer(non hodgekins lymphoma) which is now stable. If you have cancer try noni juice,salvestrols and marine phytoplankton available from (call for details on marine phytoplankton,carnosine) carnosine is anti-aging so goodbye wrinkles(maybe) Cordyceps is for energy strengh stamina ,kidney liver tonic, and a aphrodisiac (oh yeah) so good for athletes (was bought to the publics attention at 1993 olmpics as the chinese team were using cordyceps and won loads of medals ) DON'T be afraid to try things. we have an amature athlete on noni and he feels fantastic on it. If you are ill it can be frightening to try something different ,try and keep an open mind it may change your life !!!! these comments are not intended to treat,diagnose or cure

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

First4Noni is born

First4Noni was born when brother and sister Michael and Jane Hawksworth had the same idea on the same day to start selling Noni Juice. Michael has suffered with cancer on and off for a number of years and came across Noni after feeling as though the cancer symptoms were rearing their ugly head again. After years of research into alternative treatments/supplements to help cancer and hours and hours of research, Michael found a farm in Hawaii selling Noni and realised that this could be the answer. He promptly bought some juice and started his daily dose. A few weeks later, another scan revealed that the tumor cells had shrunk to a normal size.

Michael himself, is convinced its down to the effect of Noni juice.After raving on to his sister about the powerful effect of Noni, the pair decided to start importing the juice directly from a farm who grow, harvest and process the organic 100% pure juice. There is no middle man... what you buy from First4Noni comes direct from the farm in Hawaii.

Jane is also feeding Noni juice to her horse, who a few weeks ago was retired as she was unfit to ride due to arthritis which made her very lame and stiff. The mare had been on Noni for 10 days when she started showing a change in her behaviour... she was prancing round her field with no signs of stiffness. She is now being gently ridden again with virtually no signs of lameness and her movement is so much more 'fluid' and much less stiff.